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Creates a Strategy Focusing on the Clients Objective Rather than the Commission

Davidson Business Investments Inc. has over 45 years of combined experience representing the most elite clients in the southeast.

DBI specializes in HealthCare practices and ancillary companies such as Medical Billing and Medical Supplies, Dealerships, Manufacturing, Distribution, High Value Franchises and Corporate Divestures, across the United States.

Our past experiences and unmatched quality of buyers allow us to maximize outcomes and consistently produce the desirable results that both sides are searching for. With our strategic acquisition search programs in place DBI is able to create deal flow higher than any in our industry, and uncover opportunities that others in the industry have yet to discover.

Selling your company in today's market, you need brokers who are in touch with all of the different structures and transitional financing methods in order to get your transaction closed. If you are looking to purchase a company in this market you also need to be able to rely on the broker doing their job with honesty and respect for all of those who are involved.

Davidson Business Investments has the experience and expertise. With the highest service level we will provide the support entrepreneurs need from our home office in Charlotte NC to anywhere in the USA.

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